VIDEO: Supporting Dreams in West Hempstead

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Kayla Charles is a fifth grade student at George Washington who aspires to be a pediatric surgeon. Director of Innovative Educational Opportunities Ryan Emmanuel-Cooke admired Kayla’s goals and began speaking more with her about her future plans. Mr. Emmanuel-Cooke decided to reach out to a cousin to surprise Kayla with a very special video call.

Dr. Ala Stanford is the first African American female pediatric surgeon trained solely in the United States. Apart from being a surgeon, Dr. Stanford also runs a non-profit called It Takes Philly Inc., which focuses on the personal development of local youth with limited resources. She is the mother to three sons and was thrilled to be able to speak with Kayla about her life aspirations.

Kayla was able to write questions for Dr. Stanford, like what a normal day looks like to what kind of education she received. Kayla was eager to learn all she could about the profession and Dr. Stanford was happy to answer her questions to support her future goals. The district thanks Dr. Stanford and Mr. Emmanuel-Cooke for facilitating this special experience for Kayla.