Surfing the Web Safely

Michael Valentino’s health class at West Hempstead High School learned about the negative impacts and importance of self-monitoring on social media. 

Students in grades 9-12 listened to Child Abuse Prevention Services volunteer presenter John Groshans discuss the negative impact social media has on the lives of young adults. Mr. Groshans informed the class about the repercussions of social media posting and how it can affect their futures when applying to colleges and for potential employment. He also advised them to consider the four “Ps” before posting to their social media accounts. 

“Think about your parents, police, peers and principals before posting on social media,” he said.

While Mr. Groshans did not discourage students from using social media platforms, he urged them to monitor themselves. He encouraged them to not disclose personal information, to think before they post, and to report any suspicious activity from people they meet online.