Visit From West Hempstead’s Finest

Cornwell Avenue Elementary School received a special visit from Dr. Sidney LaPook, West Hempstead’s Board of Education President from 1950-1959.

Dr. LaPook and members of the West Hempstead Historical Society presented Principal Anthony Cali, faculty and students with a dedication board emphasizing the district’s history, elementary school and other significant individuals. West Hempstead Historical Society member Lesley McAvoy created a dedication board for each school over the years.

While visiting the school, Dr. LaPook spoke to students, faculty and administration about the history of West Hempstead and Cornwell Avenue. During his term, West Hempstead entered its “Golden Age” where schools were growing tremendously due to an increase in the population. Dr. LaPook supervised the construction of the high school in 1952 and Cornwell Avenue in 1956. In addition, he was a part of the 1956 expansion to George Washington Elementary School.