Cinco de Mayo Cultural Celebration


Kindergartners, families and teachers at Chestnut Street School took part in a Cinco de Mayo cultural celebration honoring students’ native language, history and heritage.

Kindergarten teacher Suzanne Decina and English as a New Language teacher Debra Schiavo established the project with the help of STELLAR teacher Dara Perlow and reading teacher Pat D’Elia to connect families by emphasizing the different Hispanic cultures within the classroom. Students and their families were asked to create or bring in a cultural artifact that would best represent their heritage. Parent Teacher Association representative Kendra Rodriguez communicated with parents on a weekly basis to monitor each student’s progress in completing their project.   

Leading up to the event, the class discussed where their families were from, made a graph comparing one another’s origins, created flags from their respective countries and wrote sentences about their native lands.   

On the day of the celebration, families and students gathered to learn more about their country’s traditions, customs and festivities. Using their cultural artifacts, kindergartners shared the history of their countries’ flag, the significance of their native wardrobes and the foods consumed on special occasions.

After sharing their historical backgrounds, the class showed a film they created highlighting their cultural differences and accomplishments throughout the school year.