A Night of Recognition

Central administrators in the district announced the tenure and retirement of teachers during a reception held prior to the June 21 Board of Education meeting, marking important milestones in their educational careers. Also honored were teachers and staff who have worked in the district for 20 years.

Superintendent of Schools John Hogan thanked the honorees for their contributions to the district. “Tonight is an opportunity [for us] to say thank you for your service to the students each year,” he said.
During the meeting, senior Alexander Perlak was recognized for being named a Newsday Extraordinary Senior. In addition, students who participated in the South Asian American Women’s Alliance Science Fair and the Molloy College Science Competition received accolades from the Board’s trustees and central office administrators.

Janine Bickard
Terrence Blyskal
Anthony Cali
Sylvia Cuiman
Suzanne Johnson
Patricia McVetty
Joan O’Sullivan

Tenure Recipients:
Melissa Averaimo
Laura Clark
Suzanne Decina
Kathryn Gleeson
Kristen Kearns
Michele Lambraia
Jacqueline Lawson
Amanda Marconi
Melissa North
Michelle Notti
Dara Perlow
Jaclyn Petrowski
Mary Shannon
Christianna Soumakis
Amy Sullivan

Twenty-Year Employees:
Vince Fleck
Gina Gandolfo
Dina Gould
Jean Lee
Ginalynn Milici
Annette O’Keefe
Karen Schreiber