Students Engage in Social Media Experi-‘mint’


Fourth- and fifth-graders at George Washington Elementary School brushed up on their social media etiquette to create clean and healthy social media routines during a fluoride toothpaste experiment.

Prior to the experiment, the students gathered in the library to watch Google’s Online Safety Roadshow video, “Think Before You Share.” The video taught them about the impact one email, message, post or picture can have and explained how to be safe online.

Afterward, students worked in groups with a tube of toothpaste and a paper plate, squeezing a small amount of toothpaste on the plate and passing it around. After the tube was completely empty, the children were asked to put the toothpaste back in the tube without destroying it. The hands-on lesson drew the parallel that once something is posted online to social media, it cannot be undone and in fact may have a permanent effect on their lives and the lives of others.