Be Your Best Selfie


Cornwell Avenue Elementary School students learned about the dangers of drugs and alcohol, making healthy choices and spreading kindness during the school’s annual Red Ribbon Week, themed “You Only Live Once: #Be Your Best Selfie.”

School Psychologist Elyssa Mayer visited classrooms to educate students about living a healthy lifestyle and being kind to one another through a “chain reaction of compliments.” Assembled in a circle, one student began the chain by extending a piece of yarn and a verbal compliment to another classmate. The chain continued with each student receiving a length of string from the ball of yarn and a flattering remark until a web was formed. The experience visibly demonstrated to students that they are all connected and that words can have a lasting impact.

Following, students designed their own hashtag with the compliment they received for display on the school’s “Best Selfie” banner.

Additionally, students assisted in spelling out this year’s Red Ribbon slogan, #YOLO (You Only Live Once), on the school fence with red plastic cups.