I. Provide all students with a comprehensive education which prepares them for their postgraduate future. a. Implement, support and evaluate the current writing and reading programs to ensure a cohesive focus, with common language and expectations for all students.

b. Utilize data, from multiple sources, to plan and implement appropriate, differentiated instruction that improves individual student achievement and will result in a 10% increase in scores for all NYS assessments and Regents/ AP exams administrated.

c. Design, implement and evaluate the co-teaching models for the special education and ENL programs to support student academic success.

d. Provide professional development for teachers and administrators to support the implementation of district and state initiatives.

e. To provide Social Emotional Learning (SEL) experiences for our students that develop cultural sensitivity, community service and personal attributes that instill in them humanity and citizenship.

II. Provide opportunities to involve the entire school community in the educational program for our children.

a. Engage community learning through parent/community workshops designed for the specific schools/departments.

b. Develop and implement Community/Parent University program that engages community members and parents by developing an understanding of current social, emotional and academic issues facing students.

c. Expand public relations initiatives to include greater utilization of the district website, Parent Portal, and social media.

III. To stabilize the District's financial position through long-term fiscal and
organizational planning.

a. Implement recommendations provided by the State Comptroller and the school district auditor to support the long term fiscal health of the district.

b. Support the implementation of facilities updates outlined in the bond through collaborative work with district architects and comprehensive fiscal planning.

c. Support the implementation of projects to be funded through the Smart Schools Bond Act.