Publishing Party

Publishing Party

Joseph Pappas and Dianne Hawxhurst’s fourth-grade class at Cornwell Avenue Elementary School showcased their original writing during a “publishing party” at the school on Dec. 20.

Over the course of three months, students penned narrative stories about a significant moment in their lives. The writings touched on a vast range of personal memories, including visiting their native country, getting stitches, celebrating on New Year’s Eve and having a sibling leave for college.  

This exercise in the writing process taught the fourth-graders how to create lead-in and conclusive sentences, establish dialogue between characters and write multiple endings for a story. They also learned about the editing process by reviewing their own work for grammatical errors and then peer editing their classmates’ work, offering constructive feedback.

Using their school-issued Chromebooks, the students typed their final drafts and assembled their work in a professional manner using the school’s binding machine for the publishing party.

On Tuesday, families, teachers and administrators gathered in the cafeteria to read the students’ unique narratives. The guests rotated among the students, reading each story and leaving a positive comment about it.