Rewarded For Their Reading

Their exceptional abilities in reading and writing were rewarded when West Hempstead Middle School sixth-graders in James Hume’s class placed first in the schoolwide Achieve 3000 “Read to Succeed” contest.

According to its website, Achieve 3000 is a method of online differentiated instruction that engages all learners at their individual reading levels and constantly challenges them to improve their literary abilities.

Over the course of one month, Mr. Hume’s sixth-graders earned one point for completing a multiple-choice reading activity in TeenBiz. TeenBiz activities engage middle schoolers in lessons based on their individual reading levels to boost achievements and mastery in literacy. If students scored 75 percent, they earned two points, and if they achieved 88 percent or higher, three points.    

For earning the most points within the school, Hume’s class was awarded a gift certificate and a door poster.

By regularly evaluating its reading and writing programs, the district provides students with a comprehensive education that focuses on the development and growth of their literary skills.