Scientists of Cornwell Avenue

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Students at Cornwell Avenue Elementary School recently showcased their experiments during the school’s annual fifth-grade science fair.

Over the course of a month, all fifth-grade students employed the scientific method to conduct experiments on a topic of their choosing. During the experimental phase, they gathered materials needed, performed the experiment, compiled necessary data and drew conclusions based on their findings. Among their experiments, they studied water absorbency with different paper towel brands, tested an eggshell’s durability, and created film canister rockets, lava lamps and rock candy.

On Jan. 31, families, teachers, administrators and fellow students were invited to view the fifth-graders’ work at the fair. The cafeteria was transformed into an exhibition site where students displayed their findings on detailed posters and replicated their experiments for the attendees.

The district would like to thank all of the fifth-grade teachers for providing their students with an opportunity to conduct experiments and nurture their passion for science.