Beloved Children’s Author Visits Chestnut Street

Beloved Children’s Author Photo

Kindergartners at Chestnut Street School received a valuable lesson in writing when children’s author Suzy Kline paid them a special visit on March 1 and 2.

An elementary school teacher for 25 years, Mrs. Kline applied her experiences in educating younger children to pen the popular children’s book series “Horrible Harry.” She shared some of the pieces that inspired her writing, including a stub pencil she had received from a student, a sailor hat, a dress scarf and a light bulb necklace. She also read “Shhhh,” her first published story. 

Following the read alouds, Mrs. Kline held Q&A sessions with the young students to answer questions about becoming an author. She also gave each student a copy of “Horrible Harry and the Top-Secret Hideout” and encouraged them to carry a notebook to write or draw about activities that occur in their everyday lives. The Chestnut Street School administration would like to express its gratitude to PTA board member Laurene Baumann for organizing Mrs. Kline visit to Chestnut.