Chestnut Street Students Boogie Down With Butterflies

Chestnut Street Students Boogie Down With Butterflies Photo

Students at Chestnut Street School learned about the interdependence between plants and animals through the Wildlife Conservation Society’s “Butterfly Boogie” program, delivered by Wildlife Theater, on May 19.

According to the Wildlife Conservation Society’s website, Wildlife Theater is the WCS’s educational outreach program that uses theater to teach young people about wild animals and places, helping to build the next generation of conservationists.   

 During the theatrical performance, students learned about the physical characteristics common to all insects, which include a head, abdomen, thorax, six legs, antennae and an exoskeleton. They also learned that insects are an essential part of the food chain in that they eat rotten fruits and vegetables and pollinate plants.

The young students also “traveled” 3,000 miles with the butterfly-themed show “The Tale of Flutterby and Piggle.” In this adventure, they learned about monarch butterflies, their metamorphosis and their diet of milkweed plants. 

The district thanks the PTA for sponsoring this educational assembly that allowed students to further explore the world around them.