West Hempstead Middle School Eighth-Graders Take The Challenge

West Hempstead Middle School Eighth-Graders Take The Challenge Image
West Hempstead Middle School continually seeks to provide rigorous educational opportunities for all students with various academic programs. Eighth-graders can obtain high school credit in our Regents-level Living Environment course by enrolling through traditional measures and the school’s Challenge Up initiative.

Students who elect to take part in the Challenge Up program are afforded the opportunity to excel through progress monitoring and academic support both inside and outside the classroom. Support includes peer tutoring by the school’s National Junior Honor Society members and participating in the Living Environment workshops taught by Science teachers.

Since the program’s inaugural year, the number of students taking Regents Living Environment as an eighth-grader has grown. Over its three years, program enrollment has increased 80 percent, from 50 students in year one to almost 90 this fall.

“The success of the program is attributable to the commitment of the students and parents as well as the expertise of the teachers,” said Joseph Cangemi, the district’s director of STEM. “We are proud to announce that our passing rate is 100 percent, while the mastery rate [students who earn 85 percent or higher] is more than 70 percent.”