West Hempstead Hosts ENL Parent Workshop For Community

West Hempstead Hosts ENL Parent Workshop For Community photo

The West Hempstead English as a New Language Department recently welcomed parents to the new school year at its annual ENL Parent Workshop.

Department administrators and ENL teachers provided parents with an overview of the program, described the services that the district offers ENL students, and explained the importance of students participating in extracurricular activities and sports. Additionally, Pia Canaria Ramirez from the West Hempstead Public Library encouraged parents to utilize the services and programs offered at the library. 

Concluding the program, ENL high school teacher Lisa McCarthy gave a tutorial on navigating PowerSchool, an educational platform that displays students’ class assignments and grades, to middle and high school parents.  

Faith Tripp, the district’s director of ENL, thanked all parents, teachers, administrators and volunteers for making this year’s workshop a success.