Virtual Voyage

Virtual Voyage photo

Aligned with their social studies unit on the American Revolution, West Hempstead Middle School seventh-graders traveled to Boston, Massachusetts, via video conference to learn about the Boston Tea Party from the Boston Tea Party Ship and Museum.

During the video conference, a Daughter of Liberty welcomed students to Town Hall, where they participated in debates about taxation without representation and issues that led to the American Revolution. Reading cue cards, seventh-graders took turns identifying as Patriots or Loyalists to discuss the tea trade and how the East India Company acquired a monopoly on the tea sold to the Colonies.

Students then boarded an 18th-century vessel that was anchored at Griffin’s Wharf, where the protest occurred. Below deck, they explored the crew’s quarters, cargo, crates of tea and captain’s cabin. They also took part in the “Destruction of the Tea” by seeing how the Sons of Liberty threw tea into the Boston Harbor. 

The district extends a special thank-you to middle school social studies teacher Dean Bourazeris for organizing this interactive lesson on American history.