Settling Thoughts With Mindfulness Jars

Settling Thoughts With Mindfulness Jars photo

The fourth-graders in Diane Hawxhurst and Joseph Pappas’ class at Cornwell Avenue Elementary School recently explored the calming effects of mindfulness by creating visually soothing glitter jars.

Under the guidance of school psychologist Elyssa Mayer and social worker Elizabeth Lindner, the students learned how mindfulness affects the mind and body and allows them to collect their emotions, energy and thoughts to be more productive in everyday activities. They put this lesson into practice by taking part in a meditation session after watching videos of breathing and thinking exercises on

As a way of maintaining focus through a visual stimulus, the students received jars containing soap, corn syrup and glitter glue, and personalized them by adding a variety of colorful sparkles, beads and chunky glitter. After filling the jars with water, they chose from a rainbow palette of watercolors to stain the solution, then shook everything together to create the shimmering, calming result. 

The mindfulness jars will remain in the classroom for students to use throughout the day. When they shake the jar and watch the glitter settle to the bottom, they can likewise settle their thoughts and refocus their energy to be more productive.