Students Help Others with ‘Blessing Bags’

Students Help Others with ‘Blessing Bags’ photo
Earlier this school year, third-graders at Cornwell Avenue Elementary School created “blessing bags” for those in need. United by the spirit of altruism, the school community collected and donated toiletries and other essentials for those who are homeless or living in shelters. Students then packaged the items into individual bags. 

Every class at the school was asked to bring in two items to place in the bags. Donations included Band-Aids, hand sanitizer, socks, soap, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, lip balm, cotton swabs and toothbrushes, among other items.

Teachers at the school were inspired to launch the project to reinforce in students the importance of caring for others who are in need. “We wanted them to realize that it indeed takes a village to truly care for everyone in a community, and that we can easily do our part and be a part of the solution,” said third-grade teacher Barbara Silkes.

Nearly 250 blessing bags were created and donated to the Terena Williams Glory House in Hempstead.

“The residents of the shelter were deeply appreciative and grateful,” Silkes said. “Teaching our students to care for and help those in need is a priceless life lesson.”