District Hosts Restructuring Forum

District Hosts Restructuring Forum photo

The district has been hosting a series of important meetings for parents to outline the district’s restructuring plan beginning with the 2018-19 academic year.

On Monday, June 11, George Washington Elementary School hosted the final meeting of the series. Led by Principals Deanna Sinito and Michelle Notti, they each took parents through the new school model. Topics included what a typical school day would look like, as well as how the district will be maximizing its resources for all students under the new structure. 

Sinito and Notti also provided an overview of the benefits associated with restructuring, including increased opportunities for whole-grade collaboration and development among teachers, greater consistency in classroom practices and resources, and comprehensive programs in each elementary school. These include continuity in the enrichment opportunities and special education programs offered to students, as well as programs and services offered for English as a New Language learners. Class sizes will also be more consistent throughout the district once the restructuring is complete.

The final forum of the school year was very well-attended by the parents, who also had the opportunity to ask any last-minute questions. 

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