Students Begin New Path at High School

Students Begin New Path at High School photo

Administrators, teachers and other members of the district staff welcomed the incoming class of freshmen to West Hempstead High School during an orientation program held on Aug. 29.

Prior to the first day of school, which will take place following Labor Day, the group of students was afforded the opportunity to tour the building, meet administrators and get to know staff members while also reuniting with classmates and being introduced to new ones. 

With encouragement from first-year principal James DeTomasso, the freshmen signed up for activities and clubs of interest the high school has to offer. Additionally, students tested combinations on their new lockers and began to get comfortable with the hallways before school returns to session on Sep. 5.

DeTomasso concluded the day by challenging the Class of 2022 to “raise the bar” at West Hempstead by “doing an extra homework assignment, going to a club meeting and telling classmates to do the right thing.”