High School Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

High School Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month photo

The auditorium at West Hempstead High School was filled with music and dance on Oct. 12 as the Phyllis Rose Dance Company performed to help celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.

World language teachers invited the dance company to perform their rendition of a Latin and Hispanic heritage celebration for students and staff during two assembly periods. Performances featured traditional and contemporary dance, music and folklore from Spain and Latin America including Cuba, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Columbia, Argentina and Ecuador. 

“We sang, danced and celebrated as we learned all about the cultures and traditions that represent people from all over the world,” said world languages teacher Natasha Mejia.

The performances performed various traditional dances that included the cha-cha, the macarena, the merengue and the bachata. Prior to the dance being performed, one or two of the performers described the meaning of the dance and its origin. 

Student participation was also involved as the dance company invited students to dance in the aisles while also on stage during certain numbers. Each assembly ended with the performers introducing themselves, their home country and thanking the students and staff for the opportunity to share their culture.