GWToday Off and Airing

GWToday Off and Airing photo

Students at George Washington School started a new initiative this year with the school-wide broadcast known as GWToday. The focus is to celebrate new initiatives and the learning taking place at George Washington.

Spearheaded by the district’s Director of IEO/Music/Art Ryan Emmanuel-Cooke as well as STELLAR teacher Dara Parlow, the creation of the broadcast is completed in six stages. They include journalism preface/previewing, reading and research, writing, script writing, rehearsal and recording. This breakdown helps to incorporate the content areas of social studies, science, literacy, media studies and technology.

Before they begin the first step students are assigned to a news team for the week. They then collaborate to commence the process of writing, rehearsing and performing a broadcast in the length of five to ten minutes. The broadcast is aired every Friday throughout the school and is also posted on the George Washington page on the district website as well as the district Facebook page. 

The district looks forward to future broadcasts from this talented group!