Herstory Comes to West Hempstead High School

Herstory Comes to West Hempstead High School photo

Two ninth-grade classes at West Hempstead High School have been participating in a 12-week memoir course called “Herstory” since Oct. 1, meeting every Monday.

“Herstory” is a course that embodies the motto “passing along the dare to care.” It was founded in 1996 by Erika Duncan and provides opportunities through guided memoir-writing that empower people from all walks of life to turn their stories into works of art crafted so that others can hear. The goal of the program is to use writing to change hearts, minds and policy.

Herstory representative Dathonie Pinto has joined high school teacher Jeannette Casto to lead each class in the workshop, which began on Oct. 1. Students have been challenged to expand upon stories that have impacted their lives by providing specific details that could turn them into potential screenplays. Students will have the opportunity to share their stories at different events in the future.

Thank you to Ms. Pinto for her assistance in helping to expand the writing creativity of these students!