West Hempstead Honors Red Ribbon Week

West Hempstead Honors Red Ribbon Week photo

Staff and students throughout the West Hempstead Union Free School District participated in several activities and lessons to honor Red Ribbon Week, which was observed from Oct. 22-26.

Cornwell Avenue School assigned each day to a specific clothing theme. Students and teachers wore red on Monday to kick off the week, then followed up on Tuesday by wearing crazy hats to symbolize “putting a lid on drugs.” Wednesday featured team jerseys or shirts in an effort to “team up against drugs” while students wore pajamas on Thursday for the theme of “your choices are key to your dreams.” The week concluded as everyone wore the school colors of black and gold to demonstrate that Cornwell Avenue is united in making healthy choices.

At the middle school, students took part in signing a Red Ribbon Pledge Banner on Monday as a promise to stand up to drugs and make healthy decisions. Red ribbons were then tied to the fences outside of the school to spell out “Rise Up,” the school’s motto to rise up against drugs and bullying. On Wednesday, members of the high school’s Students Against Destructive Decisions club visited middle school classrooms and led a version of Bingo that centered on positive decisions.

Also through the SADD club’s efforts, a damaged car was displayed outside the high school to simulate the scene of a drunk driving accident. The car was meant to symbolize the consequences of bad decisions such as drinking and driving. On Friday, students participated in activities in the school’s lobby while wearing impaired vision goggles to show the effects of alcohol.

The district salutes all of the school buildings for participating in Red Ribbon Week and for teaching the students about positive and healthy decisions.