Business Students Lend a Virtual Hand

Business Students Lend a Virtual Hand photo
Students from the high school had the unique opportunity to represent their school’s Virtual Enterprises International program at the New York State Schools Board Association 2018 Convention and Education Expo. Held on Oct. 25 and 26 at the Times Square Sheraton Hotel. 

As part of the student showcase at the expo, junior and senior members of West Hempstead High School’s VE firm, “A Helping Hand” welcomed administrators from across the state to their table. They also made virtual sales as they looked to grow their company. Teacher Michael Silberman serves as the high school’s faculty leader for the program and joined the group at the event.

Students created “A Helping Hand” to develop short-term volunteer programs in environments that encourage people to immerse themselves as a unique way of giving back. At the expo, the firm was showcasing the various travel spots that customers can explore while volunteering to either teach students English, rebuild houses, plant trees and many other activities.

The VE program at the high school is offered in conjunction with Virtual Enterprises International. VEI works with schools and districts to implement a year-long, credited class that provides students with an authentic, collaborative business and entrepreneurship experience through its live global business simulation model. 

“It was the first real opportunity the juniors and seniors had to sell and gain that valuable experience,” said Silberman. “The expo provided a platform to sell virtual trips for the company while also allowing the students to make connections with various administrators and entrepreneurs.”

The district salutes these future business leaders for their efforts in representing the VE program and West Hempstead!