Achieving by Reading

Achieving by Reading
Seventh-graders in the West Hempstead Union Free School District’s West Hempstead Middle School earned a classroom celebration on Dec. 21 after being named winners of the Read to Succeed contest through Achieve 3000®.

Students Antono DiConstanzo, Sheldon Leon, Stevie Pacheco, Taylike Singh and Steven Sorriano earned a gift card to spend on a celebration of their choice. With the assistance of their teacher Christa Spano, the students celebrated their achievement with a pizza party.

The Read to Succeed contest is a school-wide race to accelerate literacy growth. The contest ran from Oct. 29 through Nov. 23 and students were able to earn points for their class. Each time a student completed a multiple-choice activity, the class earned a point. Every score of 75 percent or higher earned two points while scores of 88 percent or higher garnered three points.

Each class was eligible to win as long as 75 percent of the students in the class completed at least eight multiple-choice activities during the contest period.

The district congratulates the five students for their reading success!