Middle School Proud

Middle School Proud photo

West Hempstead Middle School celebrated P.S. I Love You Day on Feb. 8 as seventh- and eighth-graders added personal touches to previously created banners.

The two grades formed groups that worked on three separate banners, each of which conveyed the theme, “Be Proud of Who You Are.” During their lunch periods, all students added a unique, one-word characteristic about themselves that they are proud of. By the end of the day the three banners were filled with proud traits such as caring, empathetic, tall, clever, beautiful and smart, among many others.

P.S. I Love You Day was named after the nonprofit organization established by sisters Brooke and Jamie DiPalma, who lost their father to suicide in 2010. The sisters created the movement as a way to take a stance against bullying, to help end depression and prevent suicide.