Shaping Future Politicians and Leaders

Shaping Future Politicians and Leaders photo

A tradition at George Washington School continued on Feb. 25 when Assemblyman Edward P. Ra visited to educate students on local and state government.

Fifth-graders assembled as Ra described the duties of an assemblyman, the district and towns he represents and the way laws are passed in New York. To visually demonstrate the process of passing a law, Assemblyman Ra had students play the roles of assemblymen/assemblywomen, senators and the governor advocating for a law to ban smoking at schools. The exercise helped the students discover that a majority vote and governor’s approval are needed to create a new law.

Assemblyman Ra also reviewed how the state’s government officials convene in Albany to discuss and pass laws. He detailed ways in which the budget impacts students and education throughout the state.

Following Assemblyman Ra’s discussion, students had the opportunity to ask questions about the government and his work. Inquiries ranged from his favorite part of the job to the difficulty of his position and where he stays when in Albany.

“Assemblyman Ra’s visits are always impactful for our students to learn how the government affects their community, state and country,” said Principal Michelle Notti. “We thank him for his visit and look forward to the next!”