Bowling Over Knowledge

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Teams of students at West Hempstead High School put their wide array of knowledge to the test during the school’s Quiz Bowl competition on May 3.

Groups competed against one another throughout the day in various locations of the high school and answered questions on topics ranging from pop culture to academics. Student volunteers coordinated the head-to-head games by asking the questions and keeping score.

The team “Super Neighbors,” comprised of Katelyn La Rosa, Kelley LaRosa, Joseph Tudisco and Victoria Tudisco, defeated “Delta Mind” to take on a team of teachers in the final round. Teachers Ariana Casa, Michele DiRico, Jared Kufta and Julie Weiss earned the title of Quiz Bowl Champions by winning the final game.

“Thank you to everyone that volunteered and participated in this year’s Quiz Bowl,” said teacher Jacqueline Lawson. “Congratulations to the teacher team for winning!”