We recently announced that the district's secondary schools would be reinstating the nine-period school day schedule, beginning with the 2019-20 school year, as a way to expand learning opportunities for our students, and with no impact on the budget. There have been some inaccuracies on social media surrounding this change, and we want to clarify with accurate statements.

We can make this change without additional cost to the district for several reasons. Due to decreases in enrollment, including the decision by the Island Park school district to not renew their agreement with us, our enrollment at the High School has decreased. We respect Island Park's decision and wish them well in the future. Also, the restructuring has allowed us to move some High School-level classes to the Middle School.

While there was a reduction in secondary staffing levels when we first switched to the eight-period day, we have not made any further reductions. With the combination of staffing levels remaining flat and enrollment decreasing, we now have the capacity, with our current staffing levels, to add the additional period at the secondary level without having to hire any new staff. As a result, the district will not incur any additional costs due to the implementation of the nine-period day at the secondary level.

As always, please reach out to us with questions at 516-390-3100.