An Adventure in Teamwork

An Adventure in Teamwork  thumbnail131426

The West Hempstead High School summer program hosted a third annual workshop to emphasize team building and leadership skills based on the Project Adventure program.

Project Adventure is an international nonprofit education organization based in Massachusetts with the mission of providing leadership in the expansion of adventure-based experiential programming. 

Organized by summer program coordinator and Director of STEM Joseph Cangemi and facilitated by physical education and health teacher Robert Gewirtz, students had the opportunity to participate in several activities that focused on using teamwork, both in pairs and in larger groups. 

Starting with ice breakers and progressing to large group lessons, Mr. Gewirtz surrounded each lesson by stressing the importance of listening, creating strategies for success and working as whole and not as an individual. Activities included modified games of rock, paper, scissors as well as kickball.

The district thanks Mr. Cangemi, Mr Gewirtz and the summer program staff for offering a focus on teamwork and skill building for students.