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Curriculum & Instruction

I am honored and grateful to be a member of the WHUFSD team. I want to be a part of creating and enjoying a learning environment where rigor, risk taking, symbiosis, autonomy, and access for all are expected, valued, and modeled. Seymour Sarason stated, "Learning is a process that occurs in an interpersonal context and is dynamically comprised of factors whose strength is never zero. Those factors have labels such as motivation, attitude, cognition, affect, and self-regard."

One question I consider as I learn more about our 2200+ students and staff is, "How do different theories and philosophies concerning the nature of human development, the role of schooling in a democratic society, issues centering on social justice and equity, the subject matter of education, and the need for educational specialists whose job it would be to bring to the system the fruits of new ideas and research affect educational outcomes?" I am unsure where I read this, but I wrote it down and refer to it as a foundation of my work.

As a student, former and now recreational athlete, leader, and parent, I have tried to be in the “zone” or obtain that state of flow.  Coined by Mihály Csíkszentmihályi, flow is the height of focused motivation. While in a state of flow, a person’s action and awareness merge, there is a strong concentration on the task at hand, and there is a loss of awareness of time. This is the type of experience I want our students to be able to experience. The William James quote sums up my beliefs beautifully, “In teaching, you must simply work your pupil in such a state of interest - with every other object of attention banished from his mind; then reveal it to him so impressively that he remembers it to his dying day; and finally fill him with him with devouring curiosity to know what the next steps are.”



Dan Rehman
Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction