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Curriculum & Instruction

Welcome to the West Hempstead Curriculum and Instruction Page

As reflected in our vision, the West Hempstead School District is committed to developing a lifelong quest for learning across our grade levels and educational continuum. By promoting academic excellence through equitable opportunities for all students, our school district employs innovative strategies which engage students to become active participants in their learning process. The cornerstones of a twenty-first century education are critical thinking, continuous improvement, application, and persistence. These key factors will prepare our students to meet the challenges of college, career, and life experiences. 

Our vision is reflected in our classrooms each day. In our STELLAR and World of Technology courses, students are working on their computational thinking skills by utilizing computer-based languages, such as Python, through project-based learning.  Beginning in September of 2019, the district’s new elementary mathematics program, Investigations 3, will adopt an inquiry-based approach to learning beginning at our kindergarten and first grade levels. Our mathematics lessons will facilitate an environment where students will expand their understanding of mathematics beyond the formulaic responses and rote memorization to constructing meaning behind mathematical concepts.  Our high school will expand our college course offerings to the AP Capstone program for those students who wish to challenge themselves at the highest levels. 

The West Hempstead School District recognizes the importance of providing opportunities beyond the traditional school day.  Students who have deep connections to their schools realize their greatest potential as well as strong academic achievement.  As a result, we have a robust list of extra-curricular activities.  This year the district has expanded it’s after school programs to include: Engineering, Cooking, Coding, STEM Honor Society, and the Dignity and Tolerance clubs. 

The West Hempstead School District remains fully dedicated to collaborating with our teachers, students, administrators, and parents in creating meaningful learning opportunities while developing an appreciation of the arts. We recognize the value in creating an extensive professional development program which supports our teachers and staff to realize their greatest potential both inside and outside the classroom.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at 516- 390-3119 or via email at I look forward to our continued partnership on behalf of our students and our community.