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Chestnut Street Builds A Love For Writing

Chestnut Street Builds A Love For Writing photo thumbnail81843

In an effort to enhance its educational program and provide its elementary school students with solid fundamental skills in writing, the district has introduced the Writing Fundamentals Writer’s Workshop model at Chestnut Street School. New this academic year, the program is designed to build a community of writers and provide kindergartners the opportunity to discover and grow their writing skills.

“Writing is a difficult topic, and some children don’t enjoy it,” said kindergarten teacher Cindy Chaimowitz. “We’re trying to change that mentality and build a foundation of writers who want to write by allowing students to be creative and independent in choosing their own subjects.” 

During a recent lesson at Chestnut Street, co-teachers Jeannine Scully and Cindy Chaimowitz read “I Love to Write!” by Rozanne Lanczak Williams to their kindergartners, explaining that good authors write about things they love, and encouraging the students to write from their hearts by drawing a story. 

The students brainstormed ideas for their stories, including being with their families, eating ice cream, playing soccer, enjoying the outdoors and preparing for dance recitals. They then drew colorful pictures that depicted a story about their chosen topics. 

“We’re trying to show students they can write, that everyone has a story to tell, and that good authors write from their heart,” said Scully. “Our hope is for them to express themselves and develop their writing skills as they enter elementary school.”