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Connecting Countries Virtually

Connecting Countries Virtually photo thumbnail118477

West Hempstead High School welcomed 20 students from Bruchsal, Germany, to experience a day in the life of a student in the United States. The recent gathering, held on April 15, marked the fifth consecutive year of this partnership.

The guests were visiting New York to participate in the Virtual Enterprise Youth Business Summit at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal, also attended by West Hempstead students, on April 17. During their time in West Hempstead, the German students were given a tour of the high school and treated to a New York style lunch that included pizza and local desserts. They were intrigued by the school’s gym classes, clubs and cafeteria as their buildings back home do not have those elements.

Each group of students also shared and presented information on their VE firms and compared similarities and differences in strategies and methods. The guests also showcased information about their hometown, school system and education.

“We hope the students from Bruchsal enjoyed their visit as much as we enjoyed welcoming them to West Hempstead,” said business teacher Michael Silberman.