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The West Hempstead Union Free School District recognizes the unique value of each student. It is dedicated to the success of each student based on the highest standards of excellence in education. Each student will be challenged to achieve mastery in all subject areas in an educational atmosphere that strives to build positive self- esteem, mutual respect for others, and life-long quest for learning.


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Cornwell Avenue Students Learn The Key To Success

Cornwell Avenue Students Learn The Key To Success photo

Students at Cornwell Avenue Elementary School learned about making healthy choices during the school’s annual Red Ribbon Week, themed “Our Future Is Key! We Pledge to Be Drug Free.”

The first- through fifth-graders participated in an assembly led by school psychologist Elyssa Mayer, who spoke about the dangers of drugs and alcohol and discussed ways to live a healthy lifestyle and spread kindness to all. 

Following the assembly, students pledged to live a drug-free life by writing their names on the school’s Red Ribbon Week banner.   

West Hempstead Students Investigate Ancient Artifacts

Third-graders at Cornwell Avenue and George Washington elementary schools were tasked with identifying “ancient artifacts” by using their observational skills as part of the Hofstra University “Art Travelers Through Time: Literacy and History Through Art” program.

According to the university’s website, the program provides elementary school students and teachers the opportunity to connect their classroom study of “Communities Around the World” to the study of authentic cultural objects from the museum’s large and diverse collections. These artifacts, and the experience of reading them closely, engage students in the discovery and creative thinking processes, supporting the development of essential 21st century skills and reinforcing classroom learning.

Throughout the program, third-graders engage in three separate interactions with museum educators. The first interaction began in November when Hofstra University Museum educator Elisa Bruno and graduate students Danielle Giovannitti and Brittany Kahn visited both schools to educate students on what observational skills they will need when they examine artifacts in the university’s museum. 

During their visit, Bruno, Giovannitti and Kahn presented four artifacts from circa 1915 for the third-graders to determine what the artifact was and its purpose.

Using their observational skills and magnifying glasses, students were encouraged to examine the color, shape, size, hardware, mechanics and details of the artifact, including manufacturing dates stamped on the bottom and features indicating years of use. Students then recorded their findings and discussed them within their group to determine what they thought the artifact was. 

Concluding the visit, each team presented its findings to the whole class, with all four groups making enough observations about the details of the artifact to correctly determine the object’s modern-day equivalent, despite it not resembling today’s toasters very much on the surface. 
Third-graders will complete the program with a visit to the Hofstra University Museum, where they will examine artifacts, and conclude with a follow-up visit from museum educators to reinforce the program’s theme and concepts learned that further connect with the school’s curriculum. 

West Hempstead Students Recognize Board Of Education

West Hempstead Students Recognize Board Of Education photo

In honor of School Board Recognition Month, West Hempstead students expressed their appreciation to the district’s board of education on behalf of all students, teachers, administrators and families of the community during the board’s business meeting on Oct. 17.

Setting the tone for the meeting were members of the high school chamber orchestra and chamber choir, who performed the district’s alma mater. Following, Ryan Emmanuel-Cooke, the district’s Director of Innovative Educational Opportunities, showed a video (located at bottom of article) of students learning about what members of the West Hempstead Board of Education do for the district and expressing their gratitude for their hard work and dedication to the community.

Students then presented each board member with a canvas bag, purchased by central administration, containing a copy of the video on a flash drive, along with an oversized thank-you card and portraits of each board member that students districtwide had helped to create. The original artwork will be framed and displayed in the administration building.     

“To be a school board member means you’re investing a gret deal of time in learning, studying, growing and working together to make decisions that truly help and support our staff and students,” said Superintendent of Schools Patricia Sullivan-Kriss. “I would like to thank the school board for the service and support they have shown me, the district and our students.”   

West Hempstead Participates in National Writing Day

Across the district, West Hempstead students joined together to write about what makes them or what makes West Hempstead special in honor of National Writing Day on Oct. 20.