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The West Hempstead Union Free School District recognizes the unique value of each student. It is dedicated to the success of each student based on the highest standards of excellence in education. Each student will be challenged to achieve mastery in all subject areas in an educational atmosphere that strives to build positive self-esteem, mutual respect for others, and a life-long quest for learning.


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Jumping To The Heartbeat


George Washington Elementary School students skipped rope as they participated in the American Heart Association’s Jump Rope for Heart program to raise awareness about cardiovascular disease.

During recess, students in grades 1-5 exercised their heart muscles by jumping rope and playing Double Dutch with their classmates. In addition, they learned about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle while raising money for the AHA.

The district is proud of its students for helping the community and becoming enlighten citizens.

George Washington Students Receive Visit From Assemblyman Ra

George Washington Students Receive Visit From Assemblyman Ra

Third-graders at George Washington Elementary School learned about local government when they received a special visit from District 19 Assemblyman Edward P. Ra on Jan. 26.

During his visit, Ra described the duties of an assemblyman and gave an explanation of the state budget. He also explained how laws are passed in the state of New York by having students try to pass a law to lower speed limits on major highways. Playing the roles of assemblymen, senators and governor, the third-graders discovered that a majority vote and governor’s approval are needed to create a new law.

In turn, students asked Assemblyman Ra about his work, including how he became an assemblyman, what laws he has helped to enact, and his favorite and least favorite aspects of his position.

The district is proud to offer students an opportunity to speak with their local assemblyman to further their education as informed citizens.

Video: Gingerbread of George Washington

First-graders at George Washington Elementary School created gingerbread rod puppets with the help of the Center for Puppetry Arts, located in Atlanta, Georgia, on Dec. 15.

The students participated in a videoconference with the center’s education program director, Mr. Jeffery, who discussed the history of gingerbread and explained that not all children around the world eat it. He also shared the ingredients needed to bake gingerbread.

In addition, Mr. Jeffery compared several stories related to the classic “Gingerbread Man” tale, from “The Runaway Rice Cake” by Ying Chang Compestine and “The Musubi Man” by Sandi Takayama to “The Gingerbread Boy” by Paul Galdone, identifying the similarities and differences between each book.

After watching a puppet show of “The Gingerbread Boy,” the first-graders followed step-by-step instructions to assemble their own gingerbread boys and girls. They fastened the torsos, bellies and legs together and taped two bendable straws to the tops and backs of their gingerbread personas to make them move around and dance.