Clubs & Activities Grades 9-12

The African American Culture Club will provide an opportunity for all students to learn about the African American culture. It will be an extension of the new courses Sociology and Diversity and African American History. The club will continue to explore topics discussed in the classes. The potential activities will be interactive games describing African American culture, fundraising to donate to African American outreach programs, and student discussions on their experiences (positive and negative) due to their race.

All students involved in the West Hempstead High School band program will be playing in the Marching Band.  The Marching Band performs at football games and parades throughout the year.  Students will learn about musicianship and teamwork as they perform together during the various events.


Class Night is an annual event where students participate in a spirit competition between grades.  All students are encouraged to participate with their grade level.  The spirit competition is in all areas such art, dance, relay races, etc.  It is a wonderful opportunity for students to participate and to cheer on their classmates.  West Hempstead staff, family members and community members are all invited to attend.

Students in Grades 7-12 will learn the basics of crochet.  They will learn stitches and how to read a basic pattern.  The purpose is to share this life skill with students and help them to share this skill with others.  The goal is to have them make an end product using their skills.  Possible end products could be a scarf, blanket or hand warmers.

The Jazz Band is a performing group that performs both at school concerts and community events.  The Jazz Band rehearses every other day in the High School Auditorium.  Students will be exposed to and perform all forms and styles of jazz while learning about their respective instrument pedagogy.  Emphasis will be placed on performance technique, basic improvisational skills, and musicianship.

What’s your view?  Let’s hear from you!  The Debate Club is a forum that empowers students to take a stand on an issue, find support for that claim and present their take in a structured format.  Students will learn about the judicial process and work in teams to argue their case.  The goal is to build critical thinking and public speaking while debating topics ranging from “What Makes the Best Sandwich” to the pros and cons of the newest legislation.  Students engaged in Debate Club are invited to compete in the Mock Trial which is a county-wide school competition where students take on prosecutor, defendant and witness roles to put on a fictional court case at the Nassau County Courts.

While preparing to perform a Broadway musical in a High School setting, West Hempstead’s Drama Club gives students the opportunity to discover and to develop a talent for singing, dancing, and acting, as well as building sets, prop design and stage management.

The ENL Club will focus on fostering a safe environment for ENL students to express themselves and to interact with their peers.  Students will immerse themselves in the American culture and share their own traditions and cultures with others.  The club will give ENL students a sense of belonging and encourage them to participate in sports, events, and other clubs 
and fundraisers.

The goals of the Environmental Club are: to increase awareness of environmental issues among students, faculty, staff and administration; to assist students to become stewards of the environment; to make West Hempstead a model high school for environmental education and environmentally sustainable practices; to promote science interest and engagement; to promote student involvement in school and community activities; to coordinate and work cooperatively with other school clubs; to increase club membership; to increase diversity among membership.

The Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) brings together LGBTQ and STRAIGHT students to support each other, provide a safe place to socialize, and create a platform to fight for racial, gender, LGBTQ, and economic justice.  Our mission is to work towards a more accepting environment for all people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity through education, support, social action and advocacy.

Inkblot is the West Hempstead High School Literacy Magazine open to all students in 
Grades 9-12.  Students are encouraged to submit original artwork, photographs and written pieces to be showcased in our yearly spring issue.  Inkblot allows our students to display their creativity and uniqueness in the arts.  Inkblot’s goal is to shine the spotlight on the great talents of our students at every experience level.

The Key Club promotes learning on how to lead and stand for what is right through service and volunteerism.  In partnership with the local Kiwanis Club, West Hempstead High School students are making a positive impact as they serve others in their schools and communities.  Membership is open to all students.

The Leadership Club explores student understanding of leadership roles.  It promotes the development of leadership qualities and provides opportunities for students to challenge themselves with project adventure-type trips and activities such as hiking the Nassau-Suffolk Greenbelt Trail.

Do you love solving Math problems?  Come join us for some friendly competition between local schools as we solve some challenging Math problems.  All students in Grade 10, 11 and 12 are welcome to join!

Moot Court is a new club at the West Hempstead Secondary School.  Students compete in moot appellate arguments to test their understanding of cutting-edge legal questions.  By focusing on the applicability of current legal issues to the Secondary School setting, this competition provides students with a unique opportunity to strengthen their reasoning skills and increase their understanding of the Constitution and the judicial system.  Competitors deliver their oral arguments to panels of volunteer judges and lawyers.

This nationally recognized organization focuses on community based art activities through art creating and teamwork.  Students are selected to become members by demonstrating high academic standards and willingness to cooperatively employ their individual skills.

Four main pillars have guided chapters of The National Honor Society since its creation in 1921.  Our principles are to create enthusiasm for scholarship; to stimulate a desire to render service both in school and throughout the community; to promote leadership; to develop character by upholding principles or morality and ethics.  At the heart of The National Honor Society is our core value of service.  As leaders in training for the future, Honor Society members are called upon to fulfill multiple needs within our community and school.  Admission to the Society is based upon service, leadership, character, as well as scholastic achievement.  Candidacy requires a minimum of a 90% weighted (no rounding) cumulative average with no failing grades.  Eligibility for The National Honor Society occurs at the end of the student’s Junior year.

The National STEM Honor Society is for students who demonstrate a genuine appreciation and interest in the field of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).  As part of the STEM Honor Society, students will be exposed to an array of STEM-based experiences which include trips, gatherings, and other initiatives.  Students interested in pursuing a career related to these subject areas should participate.

The Tri-M Music Honor Society provides opportunities for our most talented and devoted musicians to build, develop and inspire their love and understanding of music through events, trips, concerts and service to our Music Department.  Members are inducted based on their ability and involvement in the Music Department.

We recognize and encourage academic achievement while developing other characteristics essential to student success.

The Pit Orchestra is a small group of select students who will be accompanying the High School musical in the Spring.  Students who wish to take part in the Pit Orchestra must audition.  The Pit Orchestra rehearses once a week, and rehearsals will begin in December.

Rampage is the school newspaper.  Students are responsible for writing articles and taking photographs at various school activities.  They can pitch their own story ideas or come to meetings and select a topic from our monthly list.  In an effort to Go Green, the Rampage can be found online on the High School Webpage.  Additional photographs can be found on the Rampage Instagram page at whhs.rampage.

This club is focused on peer-to-peer education. SADD fosters a sense of belonging and promotes resiliency, leadership, and advocacy skills so that young people make positive life decisions that will carry them throughout life.  Membership is open to all students.

String Ensemble is an opportunity for West Hempstead’s most talented and dedicated string players to work together in a smaller, more focused ensemble with a focus on chamber music.  The group performs at the concerts and several District events.

We, the dedicated members of Student Council, challenge ourselves to always strive for excellence in order to form a more united student body in the following ways: to encourage and to create student enthusiasm in school activities; to be a contributing voice in our school; to be a visible and approachable outlet for the students; to unite the student body for a common purpose of equality, fairness and respect; to exemplify our beliefs and live our mission statement in every student interaction.  Through this, we will serve our school and community by voicing the student body’s collective ideas and putting their ideas into action.

Technology Club is about enriching students’ knowledge of technology by providing an opportunity to meet regularly to exchange ideas, increase knowledge, share experiences and build friendships. The STEM-oriented club encourages students to be problem solvers and critical thinkers using hands-on activities that are both fun and challenging. Previous projects have been in the area of 3D printing and design, electronics, robotics, drones, and programming and video animation. New ideas and projects are always encouraged.

Wandering Minds is a club which provides an environment where students can have thoughtful discussions and theories that make students think.  Anime, comic books, puzzles, drawing, shows and creating new ideas are only a few things that will be pursued over the course of the year.  The hope is to create a final project that honors the school such as an animation or customized puzzle. 

Do you love taking photographs?  Have you an eye for design and page layout?  Want to make the best yearbook possible?  The Yearbook Club collaborates to create West Hempstead High School annual yearbook The Westerly.  New members from all grades are welcome to join.