Parent Resources

Castle Learning
Dear Parents(s) and Guardian(s),
The school your child attends is pleased to announce access to Castle Learning Online. This web-based tool will allow your child to review or be tested in Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, English, and Foreign Languages from any Internet connected device.

Your child can:

  • complete assignments issued by his/her teacher(s)

  • create his/her own practice review sessions

  • prepare for upcoming tests and year-end state assessments

  • practice vocabulary, math skills, grammar and listening comprehension

  • access CLO at home, school, library -- even from an iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android Smartphone!

As a parent/mentor you can:

  • determine assignments issued to and completed by your child

  • participate as an academic mentor to your child

  • review assessment reports to view strengths and weaknesses

  • help your child generate self-guided practice sessions

Getting Started:
A Castle Learning Online student account has been created for your child. The account has a User ID and may already have a password created. If the password has not been set, your child will create a personal password the first time accessing his/her user account. Use the following steps to begin.

  • Sit down at an Internet connected computer with your child

  • Open a browser window (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome)

  • Go to

  • In the sign in box have your child enter his/her User ID (supplied by the school)

  • If a password was preset, enter it in the appropriate box. If not, skip the password box and click ”Sign In” (if the password was not preset an activation window will request your child create a password of their own choice, alongwith two security questions and an optional email address)

Once the account is activated:

  • The top left section of the student home page will list teacher classes to which your child has been added. This will provide access to assignments or tests that were issued by your child’s teacher(s).

  • The center section will provide access to Castle Learning courses for your child to create his/her own review sessions, or practice from past state assessment tests if available. To generate a session without a teacher, use the
    “documents” link at the bottom of the home page and click the “Student Access How-To Guide” for help creating self-generated review assignments.

  • The bottom portion of the home page will provide links to the student profile sections, instructional tips, and the documents area for helpful user guides.

Should you or your child have any questions, please contact us:
800-345-7606 ext. 2 or email: