WHSS - South and North Libraries

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Barbara Stern
Library Media Specialist

Rachel Reyes
ELA/ESL/Gifted and Talented

The West Hempstead Secondary School Libraries offers a variety of print and non-print sources of information including books, periodicals, and online databases. Full-time professional staff work, throughout the day, assisting students and faculty members in locating sources to meet the individual needs of assignment requirements.

Mission Statement 

The mission of the West Hempstead Secondary Libraries are to support and enrich the secondary school curriculum. We also seek to promote a love for both educational and recreational reading, and to inspire life-long learners.

Technology plays a key role in enhancing the classroom curriculum, through the use of the Internet, research databases and the use of emergent technologies. Acknowledging that students need to develop critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills, the staff welcomes collaboration with teachers to foster the growth and development of 21st Century Skills.