I really like Chestnut Street because of my teachers. They let us play fun games on the playground and in our class with my friends.

- Sabiel Vargas, Chestnut Street Prekindergartner


At Chestnut Street, I like to draw, learn and play with my friends outside. My favorite game to play is tag, you're it!

- Riley Kohle, Chestnut Street School Kindergartner


In particular, I really like the diversity of the students and the staff and how everybody here has created a welcoming and friendly environment. Additionally, there's a lot for students and staff members to get involved in.

- Jackie Zorskas, West Hempstead Secondary School Counselor

Emma Pearlman

There's so much excitement in the school community. We get so much support from our teachers and our principal at George Washington. Our teachers really give us a lot of opportunities to have fun while learning.

- Emma Pearlman, George Washington School Sixth Grader

Iris Wang

I like to exercise and play in my gym class at school. I really like our new playground because I get to spend more time outside with my friends. It's also fun to learn something new from my teacher every day.

- Iris Wang, Chestnut Street School Kindergartner

Ezra Solomon

I like a lot of things in West Hempstead, but my favorite things about West Hempstead are the public library and Chestnut Street School. My favorite class is art and it's really fun to learn with my best friends.

- Ezra Solomon, Chestnut Street School Kindergartner

Photo of student Evie Placa outside

I love Chestnut Street because I get to meet different people and learn new things every day. I enjoy reading and writing, playing with my friends and I really love our new playground.

- Evie Placa, Chestnut Street School kindergartner

Julianna Ocasio Lopez

At Cornwell, I like spending time with my friends and learning music. All of my best friends are here in West Hempstead, and I hope that we can all make a difference.

- Julianna Ocasio Lopez, Cornwell Avenue School Third Grader

Henry Smolar

In West Hempstead, I like the summertime because I get to see the Mets in New York City. In the winter, I get to see snow and I get to play outside. My favorite activity at Chestnut is my gym class because we get to play different games.

- Henry Smolar, Chestnut Street School Kindergartner

Sam Gellar

At Chestnut Street, every time that we get to learn new sight words, it makes it a lot easier for me to read books. I already know how to read lots of baby books and I read them to my baby brother.

- Sam Gellar, Chestnut Street School Kindergartner

Anthony Jean Francois

I really like West Hempstead because everyone here teaches me how to grow. There are so many things to do at Chestnut Street, but my favorite thing to do is learning new sight words.

- Anthony Jean Francois, Chestnut Street School Kindergartner


I love West Hempstead because my family and my house is in West Hempstead. My favorite subjects to learn at Chestnut Street are science and reading, and I like spending time with my friends.

- Timothy Gladd, Chestnut Street School Kindergartner

Evie Nova Harlacher

I like Chestnut Street because I get to play and learn with my friends. I like to play in my gym class because we get to play different games and I love learning different subjects every day.

- Evie Nova Harlacher, Chestnut Street School Kindergartner

Kaitlyn Hicks

I love the school community in West Hempstead, especially here at Chestnut Street. I love co-teaching, I love working with my co-teacher and I love the family atmosphere. You can ask anybody for anything. They're all supportive from the top down. It's really wonderful to be here.

- Kaitlyn Hicks, Chestnut Street School co-teacher

Emma Green

I like coming to school because I love to learn, it's where I spend the most time with my friends and I get to make new friends here, too. My favorite subject is science and I enjoy being a part of the Art Club at Cornwell.

- Emma Green, Cornwell Avenue School Third Grader

Antony Gomez

I enjoy having fun with my friends and learning how to do different things every day, especially math. My favorite thing about Cornwell is my teacher, Mrs. Levitt, because she makes everything fun.

- Antony Gomez, Cornwell Avenue School Third Grader

Evelyn Manzanarez

It’s really fun to learn here at Cornwell. I like the fact that we get to spend a lot of time learning with our friends. We also have so many great activities to do like the art club and outdoor sports. It’s been a really fun experience.

- Evelyn Manzanarez, Cornwell Avenue School Third Grader

Matthew Pena

In West Hempstead, there's a lot of great community activities to do. My favorite subject is math, love to play tag with my friends and there's a lot fun things that we can learn from.

- Matthew Pena, Cornwell Avenue School Third Grader

Mustafa Osman Headshot

I like everything in West Hempstead because my friends are here at Cornwell and we do a lot of fun activities. I really enjoy learning and playing basketball with my friends.

- Mustafa Osman, Cornwell Avenue School Third Grader

Glenda Garcia Headshot

It's such a welcoming environment to learn and to grow. Whether it's STEM, art, music, or any other department, there's always a place to start and hone in on your skills. We have so many events here and our school does an excellent job of bringing the community together.

- Glenda Garcia, West Hempstead High School Junior

Najee Marcelin

I’m so appreciative of the faculty and staff here. They’re almost like friends and family to you. I’m looking forward to helping the freshmen and middle school students, because I feel like it’s time for me to give back.

- Najee Marcelin, West Hempstead High School Senior

James Killeen

Teaching at West Hempstead High School is so much more than a “job.” Since I started here in September, I’ve been taken in as part of a family of teachers and students. When things happen in the community, good or bad, students and teachers come together in a way that is truly powerful.

- James Killeen, West Hempstead High School English Teacher

Alison Messana Headshot

I think the teachers and the staff here are all very professional, caring and come together to support one another. It feels great to see the same behavior among our students of supporting each other and just kind of coming together as one big community.

- Alison Messana, George Washington School Sixth-Grade Teacher

Megan Connor

I think this place is special because of the community that we have here at George Washington, and that we value all students’ individual interests. As a reading teacher, we were able to grow each students’ interests in their literature and I just think this is a great place to be.

- Megan Connor, George Washington Sixth-Grade Teacher

Belinda Headshot

I really enjoy how diverse this town is and how understanding they can be with certain circumstances. Whether it’s school plays or sporting events, I’m so excited for all the clubs and programs to return.

- Belinda Rodriguez, West Hempstead High School Junior

brittanie naughton

This learning environment consists of dedication, professional growth and guidance, consistent and productive collaboration and communication, and most importantly a genuine regard for the support of our students and each other.

- Brittanie Naughton - Educator

Keenbelynn Bellande Headshot

I’m most appreciative of the support that we’ve received from the staff. Personally, as a student, I’m very involved in clubs, sports and afterschool activities… This year, I’m really looking forward to going back into the community.

- Keenbelynn Bellande, West Hempstead High School Senior

Mary Brandt

I am proud to call West Hempstead my new home. I can't wait to learn and grow as an educator with the help and support of my fellow Ram Fam!

- Ms. Mary Brandt - Educator

Brooke Martins

I am thankful to be a part of the Ram Fam where I have the opportunity to teach, learn and grow to become the best educator I can be!

- Brooke Martins - Educator

Mary Rodriguez

The West Hempstead school district is a place of great vision. Their priority is to provide students with a quality education that equips them for success. I am truly honored to now be a part of that.

- Mary Rodriquez - Educator

Kelsey E

The West Hempstead UFSD embodies the diverse learning community that inspires growth mentally, physically, and emotionally. I am proud to be a part of the Ram Fam!

- Kelsey Elias - Educator


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RAm Pride

Black History Museum

West Hempstead High School has been doing the same Black history project for more than 10 years, but recently made a change.

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    Black History Museum

    West Hempstead High School has been doing the same Black history project for more than 10 years, but recently made a change.

  • Students Holding Awards

    West Hempstead Honors Top 25 Students From The Class of 2022

    The West Hempstead School District honored the top 25 students in the graduating Class of 2022 on April 27.

  • High School track stars Victoria Guerrier and Gloria Guerrier smiling in front of giant banner that reads "Welcome to New Balance Nation."

    Track & Field Stars

    West Hempstead High School track stars Victoria Guerrier and Gloria Guerrier recently completed a remarkable winter track & field season.

  • On a Positive Note with Andrew Wells banner

    VIDEO - On a Positive Note

  • West Hempstead High School senior Jordan DeJesus

    News 12 Scholar Athlete

    West Hempstead High School senior Jordan DeJesus was recently recognized as a News 12 Scholar Athlete. A senior on the boys winter track team, DeJesus has received numerous postseason awards for both boys varsity winter and spring track.

  • High school students Hayder Jahangeer, Ethan Luong, Alicia Maria, Dylan Ramsahai and Farell Sanchez

    Samsung State Winners

    West Hempstead High School’s research students are once again state winners for the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow Education Contest. Solve for Tomorrow addresses the countrywide academic challenge of increasing students’ pursuit of science, technology, engineering and math education.

  • High School Football Team Group Photo

    Rams' Fall Teams Excel

    The West Hempstead School District congratulates the High School girls varsity soccer team and the varsity football team for making the playoffs this fall. The district also commends the girls varsity soccer team for receiving the Sportsmanship Award this season.

  • Andrew Shreck and Sofia Varone

    All-State Honors

    The district is proud to announce that two West Hempstead High School musicians have earned NYSSMA All-State honors.

  • students holding books about september 11th

    Remembering 9/11

    On Sept. 10, students throughout the West Hempstead School District took part in several activities in recognition of Sept. 11, 2001, and in honor of the thousands of lives lost that day.

  • Young Students

    Back to School 2021

    On Wednesday, Sept. 1, the district welcomed new and returning students for the 2021-22 school year. The students kicked off their first day with enthusiasm as they arrived at their schools ready for a new academic year.