Curriculum & Instruction

Dina Reilly
Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction 
Phone: (516) 390-3119

Welcome to the West Hempstead Curriculum and Instruction Page

As reflected in our vision, the West Hempstead School District is committed to developing a lifelong quest for learning across our grade levels and educational continuum. By promoting academic excellence through equitable opportunities for all students, our school district employs innovative strategies which engage students to become active participants in their learning process. The cornerstones of a twenty-first century education are critical thinking, continuous improvement, application, and persistence. These key factors will prepare our students to meet the challenges of college, career, and life experiences. 

We continue to recognize the importance of creating individualized learning pathways for all West Hempstead School District students. We are excited to continue our work in creating pathways that open a world of learning opportunities for all students to learn and grow through authentic outlets. In keeping with our goals of challenging all students to reach their greatest potential, many earned NYS Regents Seals at graduation in Bi-Literacy and Civic Readiness. Our middle-level students competed in Hack-a-thons which allowed them to showcase their coding skills and challenge other peers from surrounding districts. Our music students were awarded Silver in NYSSMA Majors in Band and were awarded the Gold with Distinction recognition for Chamber Orchestra. We continue to build a robust program with many new course offerings. These include Writing, Design and Presentation, Anthropology, and Data Science. 

Our teachers, in grades K-12, will continue to support our students with their emotional-social development. This year we will strengthen our work with the Habits of Mind in grades K-12. Our students will delve deeper into these sixteen habits exhibited by highly successful individuals to ensure academic and personal success. 

We are pleased to announce that Chestnut Street School and Cornwell Avenue School received national recognition as Primary Project Schools. These two schools are the first on Long Island to receive this distinction. 

The West Hempstead School District remains fully dedicated to collaborating with our teachers, students, administrators, and parents in creating meaningful learning opportunities while developing an appreciation of the arts. We recognize the value of creating an extensive professional development program that supports our teachers and staff to realize their greatest potential inside and outside the classroom. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at 516-390-3119 or I look forward to working with our students and our community. 

Warmest Regards, 

Dina Reilly