School Counseling

The West Hempstead Comprehensive Counseling Plan aligns with the amended Part 100 of the Commissioner’s Regulations.

The Program

  1. The West Hempstead School District’s comprehensive developmental counseling programs includes all students K-12.

  2. All West Hempstead students K-12 have access to a certified school counselor.

  3. The West Hempstead K-12, counseling program is designed in coordination with the teaching staff to prepare students to effectively participate in their current and future educational programs; address multiple student competencies including career/college readiness standards, academic, and social/emotional development standards. For students in grades K-5, the program is designed by a certified school counselor in coordination with instructional staff.

The Services

1. The West Hempstead K-5 counseling program is designed:

  • a. To prepare students to participate effectively in their current and future educational programs,

  • b. To provide information related to college and careers,

  • c. To assist students who may exhibit challenges to academic success, including but not limited to attendance or behavioral concerns, and

  • d. Where appropriate, to make a referral to a properly licensed professional and/or certified pupil personnel service provider for more targeted supports. 

2. Certified school counselors provide students at West Hempstead Grades 6-12 with an annual individual progress review plan, which reflects each student's educational progress and career plans; for a student with a disability, the plan shall be consistent with the student’s individual education program.

3. For students in all grades K-12 the program includes the following activities or services:

  • a. School counseling core curriculum instruction for the purpose of addressing student competencies related to career/college readiness, academic skills, and social/emotional development by a certified school counselor.

  • b. Direct student services to enable students to benefit from the curriculum

    • i. Responsive services

    • ii. Crisis response

    • iii. Group counseling iv. Individual counseling, appraisal, assessment and advisement

    • v. Assisting students to develop and implement postsecondary education and career plans

    • vi. Assisting students who exhibit attendance, academic, behavioral or adjustment concerns

    • vii. Encouraging parental involvement

  • c. Indirect student services that enable student to benefit from their education

    • i. Referrals to appropriately licensed or certified individuals

    • ii. Consultation and/ or collaboration with others

    • iii. Leadership, advocacy, and teaming activities